Saturday, January 12, 2013

2012 - It's over?

Seems I missed a few months, huh?  Well, I didn't miss them.  I just missed writing about them.  My "word" last year was balance.  Ironic, since I felt like I had none.  I feel like I've lost the ability to multi-task.  Rather frustrating for someone who once upon a time got engaged, finished law school (with a big project due), did bar review, planned a wedding, took the bar, changed jobs, passed the bar, and got married all in 53 weeks.  And then again, I suppose taking care of three boys, running a couple of them to and from school, doing laundry, planning meals, and grocery shopping IS multi-tasking in some form.  It just feels like it's what I'm supposed to do so maybe it doesn't count as 'tasks?'

Anyway, 'balance' was NOT the word for me.  In fact, maybe because I like my bracelet that says 'commit' so much that I'm making another little beaded one to match, or maybe because 2011 felt like a MUCH more productive year for me, I am recycling the word 'commit' for this year's word. 

More about that later, but first, what did you miss in 2012?

*2 kiddos started school the beginning of August.  We've moved to the balanced schedule which meant they started EARLY August (it's actually the end of July this next school year) but they get two weeks off in October and two weeks for Spring break. 

*2 "accidental" (or unnecessary) epi pens sticks

*a visit to the State Fair where my daredevil rode the ferris wheel

*becoming a MOPS discussion group leader

*a local parade

*a trip to the apple orchard

*a visit to the zoo for the last birthday of mine that I'm counting

*a family trip to the pumpkin patch over fall break

*a freezing cold pre-k field trip to the pumpkin patch with my 2 year old sidekick standing in the corner of a field screaming and crying because he wanted to go home

*Halloween with a dinosaur (the only non-violent / animal costume sold in the biggest kid's size), a horse, and Elmo

*a pre-k fall farmer party

*2 Thanksgiving parties at school

*a Thanksgiving celebration at our home

*decorating for Christmas

*the circus and looking at the big Christmas tree downtown

*the children's choir performance at church

*Jolly Days at the Museum

*2 Christmas programs at school

*10 necklaces made for my MOPS group

*2 postponed Christmas parties courtesy of a snow day

*1 first grader loving to read (SO happy he loves it)

That about sums up 2012.  Now, let's see if I can actually share some of 2013 AS it happens! 

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